Trusted Advisor

Our boardroom consultancy work is focused on building high performance behaviors to dramatically develop any company or organization. International activities include high end consultancy projects, corporate training, and boardroom level coaching. Typical client results are increased strategic focus and a massive improvement of execution power. We work exclusively with senior business leaders and corporate executives. We can only accept new clients for our trusted advisory business through referrals by delighted existing clients.

Our work typically helps senior leaders and corporate executives to:

  • Build high-performance teams with the least amount of effort
  • Focus on the few things necessary for business success
  • Dramatically grow their business and career
  • Achieve twice the results in half of the time
  • Strategically quit their way to achieve big goals
  • Communicate anything to anyone
  • Quickly and cheaply innovate and outsmart the competition
  • Rapidly build essential high-performance habits
  • Become part of the top 10 percent in their professional field

Do you want to achieve your professional goals in the easiest and fastest way possible? If so, the MasterMind Personal Coaching Program may be perfect for you.


Our leadership development work for leaders with an engineering background is focused on helping individuals get everything they can out of everything they got. More information can be found on

Our work with local, high-end professional service businesses, such as architects, accountants, and specialized consultancy companies, is focused on rapidly growing revenue and margins. More information can be found here (Dutch language).