Personal Mentoring

Do you want to achieve your professional goals in the easiest and fastest way possible? If so, the MasterMind Personal Mentoring may be perfect for you.

For a period of six months, I will help you to define and achieve your most important professional goals. This program includes:

  • Defining your most important goals
  • How to measure progress on these goals
  • Accountability on actions and deadlines
  • Contact moments, at least weekly
  • Unlimited access to me by phone & mail
  • Feedback on (written) work and actions taken

In this partnership, I will play a pro-active role to ensure you stay on track: No excuses, I expect you to play like a champion.

I will help you to define specific actions, review work, follow-up, and challenge you to go faster and aim higher. Our objective is to achieve a massive leap in your professional life.

Your goals may include:

  • To double your productivity
  • To write a book
  • To accelerate your professional career
  • To build new high performance behaviors
  • To get rid of unhelpful behaviors
  • To start a high value service business
  • etc.

The total investment for this program equals 6000 euros.

We will engage in a very intensive partnership for six months. I will therefore only accept professionals who have the right ambition level, are willing to do different things to get different results, and are open to honest feedback and constructive challenge.

If you’re interested, feel free to contact me.