Strong Weaknesses

The road to high performance starts with building on strengths, instead of improving weaknesses. This approach is not always easy. Below are ten warning signs of organizations moving away from their strengths.

  1. More than 80% of a typical performance review is about what is not going well.
  2. Personal development plans are focused on building skills which don’t play to people’s talents.
  3. The quality of excuses is more important than achieving actual results.
  4. An opportunistic approach to try to make good customers out of bad prospects.
  5. Inability to courageously fire the bottom 20% of your customers.
  6. Inability to massively serve the top 20% of your customers.
  7. Lofty strategies combined with poor execution.
  8. Pricing is dictated by competitor moves.
  9. Ballooning action lists.
  10. The majority of projects don’t have any actual progress in weeks.

How would you rate your organization on each of these? 

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto/NithidPhoto

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