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How do the best get better? Companies like KPMG, ExxonMobil, McKinsey, UBER, ASML, and Novartis work with Paul Rulkens to raise the bar and quickly bring results to the next level.

Paul is an expert in strategic high performance: the art and science of accelerating bold executive outcomes with the least amount of effort. As an award-winning professional speaker, international author, and a trusted boardroom advisor, he has helped thousands of business executives, managers, and professionals get everything they can out of everything they have. His ideas to improve results and accelerate careers are often described as thought-provoking and counterintuitive, yet highly effective.

As an international keynote speaker, Paul annually addresses dozens of successful international audiences about essential mindsets and proven strategies to reap exponential business improvements. His most popular topics cover the secrets of consistent execution, easy innovation, powerful leadership, business growth, career acceleration, and seamless teamwork.

Originally trained as a chemical engineer, Paul’s work is based on deep knowledge and extensive experience in the practical business applications of behavioral psychology, neuroscience and, especially, common sense. He is an author of two international business books and his popular TED talks have already been watched by more than four million people on YouTube.

His clients call his keynotes both substantive and hilarious. The reason may be that Paul once was trained as a standup comedian, receiving critical acclaim for his Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation. However, the miserable failure of his ensuing pumping iron muscle development project prevented him from pursuing his true calling in life: a career as a credible Arnold Schwarzenegger body double….

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